3.- Diverse Documents


3.01.- Support for the walk (Assisi-Geneve) for peace in the countries of the African Great Lakes (from October to December 1996).
3.02.- Letter to the President Bill Clinton (29/01/1997).
3.03.- Appel to the ministers' Council of the European Union. Zaire Rwanda Burundi: the genocide continues (29/01/1997).
3.04.- Letter to the President of European Parliament to the President of the European Union Council (february 1997).

Juan Carrero with the President of the European Parliament, Mr José María Robles, on the 24th day of the fast.
3.05.- Second letter to the President Bill Clinton (26/06/1997).
3.06.- Adolfo Pérez Esquivel's curriculum (28/07/1997).
3.07.- Nomination for the "Siurell de plata 1996" award for the S'Olivar Foundation in Estellencs, proposed by Mr Pere Sampol, Vicepresident of the Island Council of Mallorca.
3.08.- The opening speech Estellencs village festival 1997.
3.09.- A campaign to end the genocide, for democracy and reconciliation in the African Great Lakes region (01/01/1999).
3.10.- Speech delivered by Juan Carrero upon receiving the "Courage of Conscience" award (02/02/1999).
3.11.- Actions in the United States. Letter of Joan Carrero (may 1999).
3.12.- The banquet of the Kingdom. Letter of Dolores Aleixandre (june 1999).